Apartment Hunting with Bestie, Babydoll, and Construction Santa

*As always, context-free for your enjoyment

Me: My current best-apartment option has a murder entrance

Me: Which is why I've emailed y'all the pictures, cause it's funny

Bestie: That is for sure a murder entrance.  But at least you'd have Construction Santa to help dissuade murderers?

Me: I like it

Me: He could have the spare bedroom

Bestie: Pros: presents and elves year round! Cons: he'd rate all guests as naughty or nice

Me: You're making me giggle

Babydoll: Shit I like it

Babydoll: Ain't too murdery

Babydoll: Construction Santa > Genghis Khan

Bestie: Of course Babydoll doesn't think the entrance is murdery.  She had a rape shed!

Bestie: But I agree, other than the entrance it looks pretty nice!  The kitchen is very you- perfect for cooking a big meal for a dinner party.

Babydoll: Excuse me, Bestie!  I've had multiple rape sheds!

Me: It's true.  She has.

Me: And one rape shed even had "help me" carved into the concrete block above the washer**

Bestie: Plus, whenever you need a pickmeup, you just break something and Construction Santa will have to come and fix it. And then you can take sneaky pictures and send them to us and we'll draw his little construction elves on them!

Babydoll: and it's on mlk!

Babydoll: And I love the kitchen

Bestie: I'm so sorry Babydoll!  Of course you've had multiple.  #yousosketchy

Babydoll: That one was the best one!  It was the biggest!

Babydoll: And yes, I like the idea of you sending us sketchy Construction Santa pictures for us to draw elves on!***

Babydoll: When are you going to visit in person?

Me: Thursday

Babydoll: Keep us posted!


Babydoll: That is some kind of magic and I love it!

Babydoll: 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Me: Me too!!!

Me: HoHoHo!

**Photographic proof of the "Help Me" carved into Babydoll's shed

***Here's the original Construction Santa, I strongly encourage y'all to send me your own sketchy elf versions


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