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The Rascal

If you’re hungry and you’re in town, you’re welcome at my Mama’s house for dinner.  In my family, we feed each other to take care of each other. 
Mealtimes are sacred in my Mama’s house.  You show up on time.  You try everything that’s offered.  You never turn down dessert.  You had better make conversation.  And you’re delusional if you think you’re going to look at your phone.
This isn’t to imply though, that meal-times are stuffy, staid affairs. In fact they’re quite the opposite.  My family is the loud-talking, shout-y sort of close.  So when all sit down to eat together, there is always some sort of excitement.
When I was studying for Step 1, Mama would call me at lunch time to insist I head on down to her house for some food.  She felt like it was important to break me out of my study cave at least once a day. 
Back then, she was watching both of my nephews during the day, so lunch was always a big, loud affair.  Lunch would include, me, my Mama, my Dad, my nephew Clayton, wh…

Balls and Pooping Rainbows

Gainesville is a weird place.   This is known.  The weirdness of Gainesville is a decent part of it's charm.  But sometimes, the weirdness, is just, well, weird....

In weird Gainesville news: I recently learned two different friends of mine will be attending weddings this year of couples who met at Balls.

Now, you're probably not familiar with Balls.

Balls is a dingy fratty (as in, solely frequented by bros) bar in midtown, right across from campus.  I was dragged there once during college, by my bro-iest friend, Liz.  In true Gainesville fashion, that was a weird night, but not one I ever felt the need to repeat.

The best part of the place was that there were no actual balls in Balls.  No pool balls.  No bowling balls.  No balls of any kind, except the frat variety.  This always seemed comical to me.  Why is it called Balls?  Why are there no balls?  Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?

To me, it seems crazy, like nearly incomprehensible, that TWO DIFFERENT HAPPY CO…