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Ranger Tom

A couple of weeks ago we went camping- me, my sister, my mom and dad, and the boys.

We've been camping a million times, and I'm pretty sure the secret to a good camping trip is constant eating.  Everything will be good as long as nobody runs out of snacks.

On this trip, pretty much as soon as we pull into our camping spot, Dad notices that the pipe to the water faucet is leaking, and leaking quite a bit. I call the ranger's station and they say they'll send someone right over to look.

Several park rangers show up in multiple vehicles.  They establish, that yes, the pipe is busted and will need to be replaced.  They bust out some shovels and plumbing supplies and speedily and handily fix the pipe and are on their way.

While they were working, my dad went over to check out the situation.  He introduced himself to the one ranger that ended up doing all the work, Ranger Tom.

Ranger Tom was friendly and seemed to drive by our campsite all the time.  Everywhere we went, …

Shaking the Trees

Some times you just have to shake the trees to see what falls out.