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My AHA moment

People keep asking me lately, how I went from a degree in Anthropology and Religion to medicine.

To me, it was the only clear path forward, due to an AHA moment I had in the bone lab one day.

During undergrad, I took a course called Human Osteology one semester, and was hooked on bones.  This led to me volunteering at the CA Pound Human Identification and Research Lab, (AKA: the bone lab).  To me, it was pretty much the coolest thing ever that you could take a tiny bone fragment and tell all sorts of things about someone from it.

One day, I was tasked to help articulate a skeleton.  I remember that I could tell by looking that the skeleton was male and elderly.  I don't think I was given any information about this guy, other than what I could deduce from looking at his skeleton.  And as I inspected his skeleton, I noticed that there was wire in his sternum, four or five pieces maybe, each individual piece twisted closed like a bread-tie.  His sternum had grown back together aroun…

Ham-Ham Goes for a Walk

The Background

For a couple weeks I watched a pair of Labrador retrievers for a friend of mine.  They were about 2 years old and super-rambunctious.  They were pretty excited about living in the country for a while.  Zoe in particular, was really excited.  She wanted to escape and do dog-things all the time.  She once managed to get out of her crate, off the screened porch, and out of the yard in less than two minutes.  Her ability to throw herself over the fence was continually impressive to me.  She and I went round and round to try to get her to stay in the yard. I respected her damned determination to escape and explore- can't fence her in.  Eventually, I thought we had reached a detente.

Zoe was a great guard dog.  She liked to alert me when strangers were approaching, or when strange things were happening.  She had different levels of alert too, one bark that said "Oh hey, the kids are outside" and another that I'm pretty sure was saying "SHIT, INTRUDERS! …