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The A--hole Stories.

The other day I needed to answer an essay question for a job interview.  There were a couple of essay prompts- write about a time you used common sense, write about your favorite book or movie, or write about a funny story that happened to you.

I texted my mama the prompts to ask her what I should write about and she immediately replied.

                      "Shit Saba - Gone with the Wind - Rascal Story."  

I wasn't exactly sure which  "Shit Saba" story she was talking about, so that was out.  Gone with the Wind isn't my favorite book, so that was out too.  That left telling The Rascal Story.  Now Mama's totally right, The Rascal Story is funny.  But I might as well call it "The A--hole Story," because it involves me calling a baby an a--hole, which I then tried to play off by pretending I called him a "rascal" instead.

Maybe it's not the most appropriate job interview story...

A couple of days later I was telling my sister how…