Take-Out Menus and Rabid Kittens

Me: Stupid blanking dog pooped on the porch TWICE TODAY
Sept 14 8:24PM

Sept 14 8:24PM

Babydoll: Damn dog!
Sept 14 8:27PM

Me: Grrrrrr!  Bad dog!
Sept 14 8:29PM

Babydoll: Do you need the phone number of the nearest Chinese food place?
Sept 14 8:35PM

Me: For my piece of mind?  I guess I am nicer with egg rolls on board...
Sept 14 8:35PM

Babydoll: That's how I threaten Princess.
Sept 14 8:35PM

Me: Ooooooohhhh. I don't think they'd want her, she's too scruffy.
Sept 14 8:36PM

Babydoll: Eh, she doesn't know that.
Sept 14 8:36PM

Babydoll: Everything tastes good fried.
Sept 14 8:36PM

Me: Then yes.  Imma start yelling about mooshoo pork
Sept 14 8:37PM

Babydoll: Mooshoo DOG!
Sept 14 8:37 PM

Babydoll: Maybe that's a secret command for "don't poop on the porch"
Sept 14 8:38PM

Me: Kung Pao Labrador!
Sept 14 8:38PM

Me: Does this work on Princess?
Sept 14 8:41PM

Babydoll: Eh.  When I wave the menu at her sometimes.
Sept 14 8:54PM

Me:  Then I need a menu to wave.  She just pooped on the porch again.  She hates me.
Sept 15 8:03AM


Babydoll:  Today in my state: kitten exposes 9 people to rabies
Sept 23 9:29AM

Babydoll: There have been 76 confirmed cases of animal rabies this year.  It doesn't day how many human cases.
Sept 23 9:35AM

Me: Anytime it's a kitten with rabies it always makes me laugh, I know it's terrible, but it's still funny in my mind
Sept 23 9:38AM

Babydoll: It's hilarious.  "Awwwww, what a cute little innocent kitten OF DEATH!"
Sept 23 9:38AM

Me: Ok, good.  I always just thought that was me.
Sept 23 9:54AM


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