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Take-Out Menus and Rabid Kittens

Me: Stupid blanking dog pooped on the porch TWICE TODAY
Sept 14 8:24PM

Sept 14 8:24PM

Babydoll: Damn dog!
Sept 14 8:27PM

Me: Grrrrrr!  Bad dog!
Sept 14 8:29PM

Babydoll: Do you need the phone number of the nearest Chinese food place?
Sept 14 8:35PM

Me: For my piece of mind?  I guess I am nicer with egg rolls on board...
Sept 14 8:35PM

Babydoll: That's how I threaten Princess.
Sept 14 8:35PM

Me: Ooooooohhhh. I don't think they'd want her, she's too scruffy.
Sept 14 8:36PM

Babydoll: Eh, she doesn't know that.
Sept 14 8:36PM

Babydoll: Everything tastes good fried.
Sept 14 8:36PM

Me: Then yes.  Imma start yelling about mooshoo pork
Sept 14 8:37PM

Babydoll: Mooshoo DOG!
Sept 14 8:37 PM

Babydoll: Maybe that's a secret command for "don't poop on the porch"
Sept 14 8:38PM

Me: Kung Pao Labrador!
Sept 14 8:38PM

Me: Does this work on Princess?
Sept 14 8:41PM

Babydoll: Eh.  When I wave the menu at her sometimes.
Sept 14 8:54PM

Me:  The…


During one of my rotations, I took care of a man who suffered from a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, more commonly referred to as BPH. 

In general, I am not impressed by BPH.  "Benign" is in the title.  We give you some meds and you’re fine. If not, we offer you surgery and you’re fine.  It’s benign, the bottom line is that you’re fine!*
But this guy, he wasn’t exactly fine.  He was getting up to pee more than 15 times a night.  More than 15 times a night.  And had been doing so for years. 
(Yes, you read that correctly.)
He had been peeing more than 15 times a night for YEARS. 

When I finally regained my composure enough to ask him why in the world he hadn’t dealt with this years ago, before, say, he was peeing in the double-digits, he nonchalantly told me “all of my friends get up at night to pee.” 
He thought this was “normal.”
Now, “normal” isn’t really a word that holds a lot of value in my family.  It’s always sort of been equated with average…