We (medical students of the Caribbean variety) move a lot.  This is known.  Some of my friends are moving for each of their elective rotations.  Elective rotations only last a month.  So, some of these nuts I call friends, are moving once a month for months and months at a time.  And these aren't little moves.  They're going from places like Brooklyn to Kansas to Canada and back again.

All the moving is intense and can some times get just a little bit confusing.


A couple of months ago, L and I had to go to Newark, New Jersey to take this practice exam.  We had to be there at 7:30 AM.  We looked it up and figured out that it would take us about an hour and a half to get there by train, which wasn't too bad.  It was supposed to be three trains, one to get us out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan, another to get us somewhere within Manhattan, and a third to actually take us to Jersey.

We made the first train just fine.  All was good.  We were waiting on the second train in Manhattan.  And waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting some more.  Finally, we realized that even if that second train came right in that instant we were not going to make it to Jersey by 7:30 AM.

Now, you've gotta keep in mind that L and I are both pretty type-A people.  We've given ourselves almost an extra hour of travel time (this ain't our first train rodeo).  And even with that extra time we weren't going to make it.  

We leave the subway and try to find a taxi.  We need one to take us into Jersey, which Manhattan cabbies don't like to do.  We throw ourselves in a cab and pleadingly ask the cabbie to take us to "New Jersey."  The cabbie politely asks "Where?"  We reply "Jersey."  To which he ever so politely finally asks, "Where in Jersey?"  Now, by this point we're in his cab, going in what we hope is the direction of Jersey, but we're not going anywhere in particular because we don't know the address off the top of our heads.  The cabbie decides he's going to drive "Towards the airport," which is okay, because L is remembers they're in the same general vicinity.

Eventually, we find the practice test center  (and it is close to the airport).  We made it to the testing center with plenty of time.

Now, this practice test we have to take is gonna take all day.  Basically, we get instructions on how to do the test, do the test, and then wait for what seems like forever, and then go over the test and somehow that takes over twelve hours.  Friends who did this exam before us didn't leave until around 9PM, so we knew we were going to be in for a long day.

Our plan was to take the train back.  We figured it wouldn't matter how long it took us on the return trip, even if there was a ton of waiting it wouldn't matter.  We finally finished around 7:30 PM, but only because we mutinied as a group and refused to stay any longer. A friendly acquaintance we knew from school was driving back to Brooklyn; she offered the two of us and a fellow student a ride.

Now this was a long and hellacious day, but we crammed ourselves into Friendly Acquaintance's car.  I say "crammed" because Friendly Acquaintance had along all of her worldly possessions (because of all the moving) in the car as well.

Friendly Acquaintance said she'd drop us off when we got close to our address, that way she didn't have to go out of her way.  That was cool with me and L- Friendly Acquaintance's final destination was only a few blocks from home.  The other girl was going to do the same thing.  (It made sense because we all lived in the same neighborhood.)

L was watching where we were on the GPS and when we were close to home was going to ask Friendly Acquaintance to stop.  Other girl could not figure this out to save her life.  

She kept asking in this meek and plaintive voice "Where do I live?"  "Where do I live?"  "Where do I live?"

None of us knew where she lived.  

We had already established though, that she lived in the same neighborhood as us, so no matter where we got out she could get out too and would be pretty close to where ever she lived.  But she just kept saying it over and over again: "Where do I live?"  "Where do I live?"  "WHERE DO I LIVE?" "WHERE DO I LIVE?"  "WHERE DO I LIVE?"

It must have been the stress of the long day combined with the constant moving that we do, but she lost it.  She couldn't seem to figure out that we didn't know where she lived.

When L and I finally got out, I think she got out too.

Pretty sure she wandered off still muttering, "Where do I live?"


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