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Hey, check this out!

My experiences in West Virginia weren't the greatest, so I wrote about them to deal with my feels.  You can read one of the essays I wrote here.

Go ahead and stick a fork in me, I'm done

There is an intensive pre-med framework in place at UF.  There are counselors specifically dedicated to students in the pre-med track.  These counselors pretty much direct you in everything that you need to do to get into medical school from the moment you set foot on campus and declare yourself to be "pre-med."  That was a problem for me, because at no point had I considered myself to be "pre-med," let alone declared myself "pre-med."  I spent half of undergrad with the plan of becoming a forensic anthropologist.  It wasn't until I spent some time in the bone lab that I realized living and breathing humans were the ones for me.

Once I decided medicine was going to be the right path for me, I made an appointment to see the pre-med counselor.  I figured the counselor would be able to give me some good advice.  The meeting started out fine.  She told me what remaining classes I'd need to take and that I should probably get some research experience.…


We (medical students of the Caribbean variety) move a lot.  This is known.  Some of my friends are moving for each of their elective rotations.  Elective rotations only last a month.  So, some of these nuts I call friends, are moving once a month for months and months at a time.  And these aren't little moves.  They're going from places like Brooklyn to Kansas to Canada and back again.

All the moving is intense and can some times get just a little bit confusing.


A couple of months ago, L and I had to go to Newark, New Jersey to take this practice exam.  We had to be there at 7:30 AM.  We looked it up and figured out that it would take us about an hour and a half to get there by train, which wasn't too bad.  It was supposed to be three trains, one to get us out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan, another to get us somewhere within Manhattan, and a third to actually take us to Jersey.

We made the first train just fine.  All was good.  We were waiting on the second train in …