Stories from the Saba Files

The first time my parents came to visit me on Saba, I think they were pretty shocked.  Apparently my descriptions hadn't done it justice.  They stayed for a couple days, got the full tour of the island and that was that.  

During their time on the island I had my favorite taxi driver, Garvis, (that is NOT said "Jarvis," you say it with the "G") cart us around.  Garvis was my favorite because he would show up on time consistently.  Once I was hitchhiking to the airport and he gave me a ride for free.  Garvis was my guy.

My parents liked him too.  He pretty much gave us a historical tour of the island while driving us place to place.  When we stopped for lunch, he decided to come in with us and grab a beer.  My parents liked him enough that they wanted to buy him a beer.  He joined us and continued to tell us awesome stories about the island. It was really sweet.  We finished our lunch and then decided to walk back to our hotel.  Garvis had to go pick up more fares. 

It wasn't until later I realized the hilarity/badness/island-logic of a taxi driver taking a beer-break...

When my parents left, Garvis drove them back to the airport.  I went with them to say goodbye.  The goodbye was painless; I knew I was going to see them soon.  

The whole windy ride back to my apartment Garvis kept telling me it was okay to cry.  He was emphatic about me just letting the tears flow. He kept saying how nice my parents were and how much I was gonna miss them and just to cry it out.  I think he even offered me tissues at one point.

He ended up being super-distressed with my lack of tears, but I just didn't have any tears to let loose in that moment and I didn't have the heart to get into my whole crying-philosophy with him.  

I wasn't crying because I knew I was going to see my parents again soon.  I wasn't crying because Saba wasn't a new scary place that my parents left me in.  I wasn't crying because my parents had visited to be supportive.  

I wasn't crying because there wasn't anything to cry about in that moment.

Maybe we should have just gone to get another beer and I could have explained it....


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