The Greatest Love of All

It seems like hospital I'm at encourages religious organizations to come in and preach to/at the patients.  I know that hospitals have chapels and chaplains and offer religious respite to those who want it.  But I don't really think that this hospital really focuses on the who wants to talk to the preacher/chaplain/priest/nuns bit.  

The nuns can be a bit too much at times.  They wander through the hospital and try to give everyone these fliers about how Jesus is "The Greatest Love of All."  They're prepared too, they've got the same flier in Spanish, just in case you don't speak English.  They like to give them out in the elevator where the patients, families, and staff can't really say no or wander off.  One of the nuns was pretty ingenious about getting her "Greatest Love" message out there and stuck the flier in the elevator's safety warning panel.  It's been there for months.

In my head, that elevator became THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.  For some reason, it was just funny to me.  I felt the need to announce it every time I got on that particular elevator (only out loud if it was just me and L).  GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.  GREATEST LOVE OF ALL. GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.


Pediatrics was not my favorite rotation..  I knew it wasn't going to be my favorite.  Sick kids make me sad and sick kids are gross.  And I know that I'm supposed to be okay with gross things in general, and usually I am, but seriously, kids are gross.  So gross.  You can't imagine how gross they are.  They don't know not to sneeze, cough, or accidentally spit in your face.  They touch their butts and then touch everything else.  I once let a little girl hold my pen light for a moment to distract her and she stuck it in her pants.  It wasn't a good moment.  

Not getting sick in pediatrics required constant vigilance.  I washed my hands so many times at one point during my ER shifts when everyone had the flu that my hands cracked.  I figured I'd rather have cracked hands than the flu.  

 Add the general level of grossness to the attitude of all the pediatricians I met and it really really wasn't my favorite.  Each pediatrician seemed jaded and broken and sort of mean.  Maybe I just caught them all at a bad time...  

One night while I was working in the pediatric ER it just sort of broke me.  It had somehow become my job to make trips to the pharmacy to pick up medicines.  This would have been okay except for that whole part where I'm there paying to learn.  And that it was like 1AM.  And that it wasn't one trip, or two trips, or even three trips to the pharmacy.  It was at least six.  Because I simply stopped counting after six.   That's too many trips to the pharmacy in the middle of the night.  Too many.  

Because it was 1 AM I kept getting lost in the basement.  Even though I had been there a thousand times.  So I started taking the elevator cause it opens right up to the pharmacy.  It was GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.  And so, because I was broken and it was 1 AM I felt the need to take selfies in GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.  It brought me great joy.  So it sort of became a thing from then on whenever I was alone in GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.  

Middle of the night CRAZY EYES

Now there are TWO 


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