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Learning to Lose / Is My Name Potato?

A while ago, I read and then reread a story called "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality."  I fell in love with this story.   It's a fan-fiction reimagining of a world in which Harry Potter is still an orphan, but instead of growing up miserable and belittled with the Dursleys, he is raised by adoptive parents who love and cherish him.  They allow him to become the boy he is supposed to be and train him in the "Methods of Rationality," which, for the purposes of my explanation, I'll just say basically means they teach him how to be a scientist.

There's a chapter that keeps popping into my head lately.  Harry has been winning too much.  He wins too easily.  He doesn't suffer fools.  He loses his temper.  He defeats his enemies gleefully and taunts them with their losses and stupidities.  Honestly, he's a little becoming a little bit of an asshole and maybe a little bit out of control.  He needs to be reined in.
Harry's mentor decides t…