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The Long-Lived Case of the Library Vagrant

Last January was cold.  Weather forecasters threatened us with "Snowpocalypse."  New  Yorkers were miserable.  Everyone hid inside for warmth as much as possible.  We even had a patient who nearly froze to death in his own apartment, but I digress- that's a story for another day.
We spent a lot of time in the hospital library last January.  We mostly needed somewhere to wait that was warm.  We'd stake out and claim functioning computers (of which there were few) to do our homework while we oh-so-patiently waited on our attending to show up.  He would either mosey in around 3PM or simply not show up at all.  When he did show he spent a lot of time justifying his lateness by complaining about the cold and having to dig his car out. The hospital library is not a nice place.  There are maybe half a dozen functioning computers in the entire place (out of probably 40 or so).  The computers that do work are hot commodities.  It's like middle school all over again, people …

Playing Possum

When I was home this last time, studying for the boards, an opossum decided to take up residence under my house.  This could have been okay.  Mr. Opossum and I could have lived in continued obliviousness to each other had he not decided that he wanted to make a nice nest out of the insulation under my house.  Now, take a moment and imagine the sound of an opossum thumping around under your house ripping/tearing/clawing insulation out with his nasty Mr. Opossum teeth.  That is not a pleasant noise.  And Mr. Opossum decided that the insulation directly under my bed seemed like the best nesting material just for funsies.  So I decided that Mr. Opossum had to go.
Dad set up a live-trap at what we thought was Mr. Opossum’s entrance under the house.  He baited it with an old chocolate glazed donut.  When I didn’t catch Mr. Opossum the first night, Dad tried to tell me that there was no Mr. Opossum under the house and that I must have misheard the whole thing.  I figured I could wait Mr. Opos…