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You must be very strong.

For me, I can’t say I’ve really lived in a place until I have a coffee shop there.  The coffee shop can’t be a chain, those don’t count.  It has to be some weird local place that represents the feel of the city.
My hometown is a coffee-rich city.  There are probably more than a dozen independently owned, quirky-in-their-own-way coffee shops about town.  But, when I’m in Gainesville, my go-to place is Coffee Culture.  It is low-key, the wifi is fast, the baked goods are eclectic and delicious, and the music selection always pleases me.  And, of course, the coffee is delicious.  In fact, the coffee is so good that my parents- adorable coffee snobs that they are- love it.  Coffee Culture is the golden standard to which all other coffee shops are measured.
It took me almost the entire 6 weeks I was in Miami to find somewhere that wasn’t a chain coffee place.  When I finally did find a place that was quiet enough that I could study and delicious enough I wanted to go back, it wasn’t even re…