"Turn at the Hill"

L and I arrived on Saturday.  We drove to Wheeling, WV from the Pittsburg airport.  It was a picturesque little drive- all rolling hills and towns nestled in valleys.  The town of Wheeling seemed pretty cute, quaint almost, until we couldn't find the dorm.

We used Google Maps to navigate and input the address that the school gave us.  This address took us to a parking lot behind a soccer field on the local Jesuit University.  There were no signs designating which buildings were which, but none of them looked like they could be a dorm to me.  In a valiant effort to figure out where we were supposed to be we called the contact number we were given and described what we could see.  What we got in return was "turn at the hill."  When we asked if there was a different address we could put into Google, what we got in return was "turn at the hill."  When we asked what the name of the building was, what we got in return was "turn at the hill."  You  see where this is going.  We gave up with the guy on the phone.  There were also handwritten directions on the contact sheet we were given.  They took us nowhere.  Finally L found us a "hill" to turn at.  

When we arrived at the top of the hill there was a lone brick building with a Blessed Mother statue out front.  There was one car in the parking lot.  It didn't particularly look like a dorm and no where on the building did it say it was a dorm or anything like that.  An elderly gentleman wandered out (he was wearing a security guard uniform) and exclaimed "You found us!"  We took that to mean we were in the right place.

When the elderly security gentleman took us inside to give us our keys he mentioned that there was 24 hour security at the building.  Then he casually mentioned that we were the only people currently staying in the building.  For clarification, there are TWO of us.  Two of us in a dorm that was clearly meant to house at least 40 people.  Our rooms are ginormous because they are supposed to be double rooms and are singles instead.

The whole place is clean and relatively new and nice, but it's just creepy because this place should be full of people.

Where are all the people?


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