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The Adventures of Mini-Skirt

This is incredibly naive of me, but I like to hope that my medical school peers are in medical school for some sort of positive reason.  Maybe they don't want to save humanity, but hopefully they are at least all decent human beings who can treat their future patients with respect and dignity.  Expecting respect and dignity out of my peers is too much.  That bar is too high.  Within reach for one in particular is laziness, shocking levels of incompetence and a blatant disregard for informed consent.  This leads me to introduce you to Mini-Skirt.

Mini-Skirt earned her name when she showed up to orientation in nude colored pantyhose, ankle booties, and a mini-skirt on the day it was supposed to snowpocalypse.  So she started by setting the bar low, but hey, so you don't dress professionally- that doesn't mean you're going to be a bad doctor, right?  Don't go judging books by their covers and all that.

Unfortunately for Mini-Skirt, from what I can tell her story prett…

Puke and Rally

Every since I was a kid I've been, what my family calls "a nervous nelly."  Change is never and has never been my friend.  All sorts of normal childhood things bothered me: riding the school bus, swimming lessons, any sort of after school activity. When I got nervous, I'd puke.  As soon as I'd puke I would be okay.  Not great, but no longer a big ole mess.  This got to the point where it became legendary in my family.  Add to this nervousness a wicked penchant for car sickness and I have puked quite a bit.  To this day I still get a free pass to ride in the front seat of any vehicle that any relative of mine might be driving.  They take my puking seriously.

Thankfully it has been years since this has been a problem.  Riding the bus on Saba was a little iffy for a while.  Imagine little ole carsick me riding in the back seat of a 15 passenger van that has at least 15 people and their backpacks sardined into it at a high rate of speed up and down a windy mountain r…