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Burned Out Buildings and Emotional Exhaustion

As I got on the eerily deserted interstate and drove south I felt a weight beginning to lift off of me.  The weather apparently agreed and the further south I got the terrible misting rain that plagued me for six weeks began to lift and the sun began to shine.  The rain and the cold and the damp made six weeks in Shreveport terrible.  Where I come from it rains, no, it storms and the skies empty and and the thunder and the lightening put on a show and then that nonsense is OVER.  I did not take to perpetually grey skies well. 

Combine the terrible weather and the fact that Shreveport looks like something out of a horror movie set and it really was not a good place for me.  When I say it looks like a horror movie I mean that there are burned out buildings everywhere.  There was even one right across the street from the hospital.  These wouldn't have bothered me, but it wasn't one or two, they were everywhere.  No neighborhood was spared. Shreveport once had some big headquarter…