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A latin boyfriend, a dozen babies, and some other weird stuff

My Great-Uncle Talmadge called to wish us all a Happy Thanksgiving and check in on us the other day.  He asked me lots of important questions about my rotation in Miami like whether I'd found myself a nice Latin boyfriend or not and how I'd liked the rotation.  He then proceeded to ask me what sort of doctor I wanted to be (something people ask me all the time).  I told him I still didn't know, but that I for sure don't want to be an OBGYN.  He laughed and said I'd already told him that.  My great-uncle, a sweetheart that I talk to maybe twice a year, remembered that I'd already told him before the rotation that I didn't want to be an obstetrician...  That should give you some indication about my feelings on OBGYN.  In some ways, the rotation was less bad than I expected (the whole birth/delivery process) and in some ways it was just as bad as I expected (babies always seem to want to be born at midnight, after teasing you the entire day that they MIGHT COM…