The Beast

Whoopsies, I should have mentioned that I’d be going on a blogging hiatus for the summer while I went into hermit mode in order to study for The Beast, wait, I mean Step 1.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with medical school, Step 1 is the first of three board exams we have to take to become licensed physicians in the United States.  It’s an eight hour test, composed of seven sections with 46 questions each (for a grand total of 322 questions).  The questions can cover any material the USMLE deems something that should have been a part of our “basic science” education.  If that wasn’t enough fun, it takes anywhere from three to eight weeks for them to tell you whether or not you passed.

You’d think that this summer would have been mostly a relief- a period for relaxation and recuperation after the past two years.  You’d be wrong.  It hasn’t felt that way.  It has felt as though I’ve been trying to go at Saba speeds without the support system that kept me going there.  Studying for Step 1 while being surrounded with people who love you and know you is great.  Studying for Step 1 while being surrounded by those same people that have missed you for the past two years and want to see you and do fun things while you’re supposed to be studying is not so great.  I read someone else’s blog about how she studied twelve hours a day for Step 1.  TWELVE. HOURS. A. DAY.  That’s just crazy-talk.  Clearly, it was never my goal to study for that many hours a day, but it was still difficult doing the amount of studying I did manage (I have no intentions of telling you an actual number…  I think that’s sort of show-off-y and no help to your future studying).  But I did manage it.  Step 1 is history.

Now I’m just waiting to see where we’ll (me and my partner in crime) be going for clinicals.

Here’s to new adventures.


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