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Everybody has had a bad haircut.  It's a universal thing.  You look like an idiot for a couple of weeks and move on, no big deal.  That is, unless your terrible haircut is immortalized in some way.  I'm talking your driver's license, or your passport, or the pictures from your sister's wedding....  People look at the picture and then they look back at you and then they look at the picture again, befuddled and confused as to why you would have done something so terrible to your own face. 

When I have a bad haircut I tend to look a lot like Shaun White (the snowboarder) from the days when he was known as "The Flying Tomato."  Needless to say, this is not a good look for me.  My sister still thinks it's funny to send me random pictures of Shaun White advertisements with the caption "twinsies;" I am never amused.

Unfortunately, my passport photo is from when I was 17 and in the throes of an atrocious Flying Tomato-esque haircut.  I've traveled …