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A latin boyfriend, a dozen babies, and some other weird stuff

My Great-Uncle Talmadge called to wish us all a Happy Thanksgiving and check in on us the other day.  He asked me lots of important questions about my rotation in Miami like whether I'd found myself a nice Latin boyfriend or not and how I'd liked the rotation.  He then proceeded to ask me what sort of doctor I wanted to be (something people ask me all the time).  I told him I still didn't know, but that I for sure don't want to be an OBGYN.  He laughed and said I'd already told him that.  My great-uncle, a sweetheart that I talk to maybe twice a year, remembered that I'd already told him before the rotation that I didn't want to be an obstetrician...  That should give you some indication about my feelings on OBGYN.  In some ways, the rotation was less bad than I expected (the whole birth/delivery process) and in some ways it was just as bad as I expected (babies always seem to want to be born at midnight, after teasing you the entire day that they MIGHT COM…

Signs of Weakness

Welcome to Miami.
Bienvenidos a Miami.
Technically, I don't live or work in actual Miami, but everyone who isn't from here seems to call pretty much everything south of Orlando "Miami."  Everyone in this so-called-Miami drives like a maniac.  Have you ever seen Grand Prix racing?  Driving here is like that except with fewer rules and way way way more rage.  The locals don't seem to signal or brake until the last moment or feel the need to obey speed limits.  The speed limit signs might as well say "speed suggestion" instead.  When I do attempt to signal or brake or obey any traffic laws people seem to be perplexed and befuddled and enraged.  They honk as though I was the one driving like a crazy person instead of obeying the laws.  Obeying the laws seems to be considered a sign of weakness and an indication for the locals to drive over you.
Just in case you were ever headed down here for any reason, I thought I'd make a list of the traffic laws no one …

One in Four Women....

The Beast


The Toilet Saga