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Cornered Animals

Autonomy is basically the ability to make decisions about your daily life.  Those with the most autonomy report the most satisfaction in their lives.  As humans we crave control.  We need it.  We go a little crazy without it.  There have been medical studies about autonomy- patients that control the lighting in their hospital rooms heal faster than those who don't.  It's why office workers have cubicles rather than desks in open rooms- even the illusion of autonomy makes for more productive workers. 

Think of all the bosses you've ever had.  I'd bet that the ones you disliked the most weren't the ones that were the most demanding in general, but instead the ones that were the most demanding about stupid shit.  "Don't put the paper clips there." "Never blue pens, ONLY BLACK."  And a million other nit-picky things that you still don't understand why they mattered.  That's just it though, they didn't matter.  That boss of yours was …