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Doctor Skills

Blood pressure, respirations, heart rate, height and weight measurements, eye exam, ear exam, palpation for swollen glands, and an inspection for obvious signs of distress- these are things your doctor can do in their sleep.  Most of the time your doctor probably doesn't even do them- a nurse will in order to save time.  Pretty much everything I just listed any one of you could do with minimal training (except maybe the eye exam).  However, learning these basic clinical skills in the context of what they mean is overwhelming.
At a different school we would have probably started learning basic clinical skills on day one.  Here we take a more traditional approach and focus on learning the underlying physiologic and biochemical processes first.  We were asked to pick partners for this semester’s Doctor-Patient Relationship.  We spend a couple of hours in lecture hearing about the skills we’re going to learn and all of the underlying malfunctions they could show us.  We then get to s…

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