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Faking it

Ever have one of those days where you're pretty sure that you're stupider than everyone else?  And meaner?  And lazier?  And more selfish?  And probably- just to add icing to the cake- fatter?

Yeah, I'm having a moment here.  Maybe it's the moon.  Maybe it's this semester.  Maybe I'm finally cracking.  Or maybe I really am stupider and meaner and lazier and more selfish and fatter than everyone else.  (And as I read that back, I'm definitely whinier and more hyperbolic)

My Aunt Karen would officially call this a "black-assed mood."  There's no telling what set me down this particular spiral, but I guess that doesn't really matter.  Back home there's half a dozen things I would do to shake this off, but here I just feel even more lost because none of those things are a viable option.  That's not to say that I don't have wonderful supportive friends here; it's just that we're all going through the same crap and I don'…

The F-Word

Let's talk about the f-word- that one that you don't like to talk to your mother about because it's embarrassing and she's probably going to yell at you.


There I said it.  Failure.  There I go, I said it again.  Are you scared and uncomfortable yet?  You probably should be (fear is a great motivator).  You can fail at pretty much anything: a relationship, at an exam, at work, at goals you've set or at goals someone else has set for you.  Failure is disheartening.  It's humbling.  It's usually uncomfortable.  Sometimes a failure can be so epic it feels soul-crushing.  Think about the last thing that you failed at.  Was it a big thing?  Why do you remember it?  Did it change you?  Did you tell anyone?  Did it break you?  Or did you try again?

We had exams this week and they were difficult (as they always are).  However, for this block, for whatever reason, people who have never failed anything in their entire life bombed exams .  You should have seen th…