Ridiculous Nonsense

As previously mentioned, school gets crazy and I don't really have a lot of time.  However, ridiculous things are still happening on Saba, and y'all still need to hear about them.

In no particular order...

1.   It's a little difficult to get off the island and back home.  There are flights and ferries, but nothing around here is particularly reliable.  If the wind is too high or blowing in the wrong direction neither the flights nor the ferries will leave.  In the semester breaks, several hundred people are trying to leave the island in the span of about 3 days.  The planes that fly to and from Saba are 15 passenger commuter flights.  Although they run about 5 or 10 flights a day during those 3 days, seats on those flights are a precious commodity.  I had all my flights booked, no problems.  I called a taxi driver the day before and scheduled a time for him to pick me up the next day to take me to the airport.  It's time and the taxi driver isn't at my house.  I give him 5 minutes then I try to call him, but my phone doesn't work.  I go to my neighbor to use his phone, but he doesn't have one.  My taxi is now 15 minutes late and very clearly not coming.  I start freaking out.  I MUST MAKE THIS FLIGHT.  I refuse to get stuck here for an extra couple of days. I would usually just try to hitch a ride, but the airport is pretty far away and off the beaten path.  I pick up my backpack and rolly suitcase and lock my house.  I start walking, I will figure something out...  I realize that my drunk neighbors are home and that they have a truck.  I stop outside their house, "hey guys."  Nothing, I get nothing, "HEY GUYS."  They still don't hear me.  I walk up their front steps and into the doorway (it's open).  "Hey guys, I'm your neighbor and I am trying to get to the airport and I called a taxi and he didn't show up and I will give you $10 to drive me to the airport right now.  Please.  I just want to get home."  They look at each other for a moment, their apparent leader says "sure" and then they all load up in the truck with their Heinekens to drive me to the airport.  I do believe that was the fastest and weirdest ride I have gotten on this island.  I ended up not having a ten, so I just said "thanks," and gave them a twenty and figured they could use the beer money.   

2. I was walking home from the village one day and I heard a truck coming up behind me rather fast, so I scooted to the side of the road.  I looked up as the truck passed and noticed a couple of guys standing in the back.  This is not unusual since everyone hitches and guys seem to prefer to stand rather than sit, even though everyone drives at warp speed.   What was unusual and caused me to do a double take was the full-grown cow in the back of the truck with the guys.  Not a dead cow.  Not a calf.  A fully grown live cow just calmly riding in the back of a truck through the village at a rather fast pace.  I looked around.  No one else seemed quite as impressed as I was that there was a cow in the back of a truck.  A couple of days later, a girlfriend and I were hitching home and I was telling her about the cow.  The guy giving us a ride just nonchalantly says "Oh, that must have been Wednesday."  This confused me even more.  What is Wednesday?  Take your cow for a ride day?  He explained that the cow was from Stacia.  He saw my blank look and kept talking.  He explained that the guys in the truck had bought the cow from someone in Stacia and that it had arrived on the boat on Wednesday and that they were taking it home.  This impressed me even more.  I've been around cows for most of my life, and I can't imagine asking a strange one to calmly ride in the back of a truck with a couple of my friends....  Only on Saba.

3. I am sure there are more that I can't think of right now, but as they come to me I will try to be better about remembering them and sharing.


  1. Since you didn't know Wednesdays are "Transport livestock in truck beds" days, did you know that Thursdays are "Carry dried beans around in your mouth" days? Or that Mondays are "Walk your pet iguana on a leash" days?


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