In the last couple of weeks I've heard the phrase "med school is like trying to drink water from a fire hose" more than once.  Before this semester started I had no idea what anybody meant by that phrase.  Now, I think I'm starting to get it.  It's like you asked for a drink of water and someone water-boarded you instead; I spend a lot of time spitting and sputtering and trying to catch my breath (metaphorically of course).  This semester we pretty much have class from 8AM to 5:15PM every single day.  Do that math real quick.  I'll wait.  Yeah, that means that we're on campus for more than 9 hours every single day, and that we get 8 hours of instruction every single day.  Now, you're thinking to yourself, "stop whining Caitlin, it can't be thaaaaat bad."  Wait for it; I haven't told you the classes yet.  We have: Microbiology/Immunology, Neurology, Medical Psychology, Medical Ethics and Laws, and Doctor Patient Relationship III.  Oh, and I forgot to add the Microbiology lab and the Neurology lab to that list....  So every single day we're expected to pay attention to 8 hours of new material and then go home that night and integrate/learn all that information. 

Can you see why I might feel like I was drowning every now and then?

Now I didn't come  here today to write this so y'all will feel sorry for little ole me.  I came to say thank you.  Thank you to every single one of you.  You make me feel better.   You make me feel like this is doable.  You bring me giggles and confidence and love and reality checks.  Thank you. 

Thank you to the awesome doctors who have mentored me and helped remind me that I'm doing this for a reason.  The confidence you guys have in me inspires me to be better and to work harder.

Thank you to my fantastic big sisters.  You guys keep me grounded and never let me get too big for my britches.  When things get tough you two always help me find useful and practical solutions.  And if you can't do that you always manage to make me see the comedy in my situation, not matter how shitty it might be.

Thank you to my supportive parents. Between the two of you, with your magical we-should-call-Caitlin-senses and your cheerleading, you make me feel like I've got a handle on things, even the big scary things.

Thank you to my friends back home.  Being reminded that I was once a real human who did things continues to remind me that there's a light at the end of this tunnel.  Hearing about your lives keeps me sane.

Thank you to my insane friends here.  It's nice to know that I've finally found my tribe.  You guys always find the silver lining, even if the silver lining is simply that "it could always be worse."

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

Without all of you I'd be a spitting and sputtering waterboarded fool. 



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