A Year Ago (AKA: That Time a Fraternity Rescued Me)

Amanda and I used to play this game "where was I a year ago and could I have imagined my life now?"  This game has been helping me out when I get stressed lately. You should try it.  And keep in mind that even though you would have never guessed all the shitty things that happened to you, there have been plenty of magical things that you would never have planned out either.

A year ago I was working as a lab tech for a misogynistic research despot that got deep pleasure from making me cry.  I was under-trained, overworked and underpaid.  When I look back now and think of all the science they expected me to be responsible for, it's almost laughable.  Now I take great pride in the fact that I quit and told my boss' boss that there "was no way I was going back in there with that monster."

A year ago I was rejected from every medical school I applied to, one painful "we're sorry to inform you" at a time.

A year ago I was living in a termite-infested hovel that we fondly nicknamed "the crack house."  Our landlord was so useless that upon repeated and progressively more shrill entreaties from my roommate and I to deal with the termites told us that he had "tented the house 10 years ago."  No, (I know you're all wondering it right now) I didn't hit him.

A year ago I had two bicycle accidents (I had never had one before last year and I biked everywhere all through college).  I biked to work in bike lanes and back roads and always wore a helmet and I even signaled, yet all the time sorority sisters would come within a blink of running me over.  One day, one got too close, so I slammed on my brakes and ended up entangled in bicycle parts.  I say "parts" because I managed to break the bike with my body.  A fraternity was across the street and witnessed the whole incident.  And yes, I do mean an entire fraternity, because there were approximately 50 of them.  They crossed the street en masse, yelled at the sorority sister, extricated me from my bike and then carried me and the bike across the street to assess my wounds and call someone to come and get me.  (They offered to drive me home, but as sweet as they were, I could just hear my mother screeching "WHAT POSSESSED YOU TO GET IN A CAR FULL OF STRANGE FRAT BOYS WHEN YOU DIDN'T HAVE ALL OF YOUR FACULTIES??")

In 2012: I had 4 jobs, lived in 3 different places, had 2 bike accidents, and watched my uncle succumb to cancer.  And that was only the first half of the year.

Life's a bitch.  It's big and scary and intense and there are lots of feelings.  But there are amazing things too.  A year ago I could never have imagined my life as it is right now.  I'm sure, a year from now I will say that again.  I learned a lot in 2012, about myself, about stress, and about what's important in life.

Looking back on my life from a year ago makes me so grateful for my life right now.  Just remind yourself in those crappy moments, it does get better.


  1. The "where was I a year ago and could I have imagined my life now?" game sounds like a good one. I'll have to remember to play it more in the future. Hope all is well with you, Caitlin!
    -Jim Chapin


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