Sailboats and Sunshine

Five months later and it finally feels like I live on a picturesque Caribbean island.  It's always pleasantly breezy- no wonder the Dutch called these The Windward Isles- and everything is blooming or fruiting. I pass ripening bananas and soursops and mangoes and coconuts and key limes every day on my way to class.  There are goats that frolic.  There are roosters that crow.  The people are friendly with unintelligible accents and the road is terrifying.  I can see St. Maarten from my front window and get to watch sailboats meander from island to island. 

This place is positively bucolic.

However, I did a bad thing the other day...  I looked in the cistern.  YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK IN THE CISTERN.  WHY DID I LOOK IN THE CISTERN?  It was like a wreck, I knew I shouldn't look, that there would probably be something that was going to give me nightmares, but I couldn't stop myself.  I opened the lid and peered in.  It was deeper than I had imagined- no wonder Lassie was always looking for Timmy down that well...  And, even though it was probably 15 or so feet below me, I could see the dead bugs floating on the top of the water.  There might have been live bugs too, but I couldn't tell from how far away I was and I certainly wasn't climbing down there...

I did end up having nightmares about giant mosquito larvae that night, but I guess living in the picturesque and bucolic Caribbean isn't for the weak-stomached.  :)

This is what the inside of a cistern looks like.  There are leaves.  There is trash.  There are guppies.  This being my drinking water = the stuff of a hypochondriac's nightmares.


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