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Being where you're supposed to be

Sometimes I sit here in class and wonder what I might be doing if I weren't in class- it's the classic student daydream. I think about how I could be back at home and how nice it would be to see all my people and just HUG EVERYONE SO MUCH and how everything would just run more smoothly if I were back at home...
But then I think that if I wasn't here I'd probably be at some soul-sucking job that I hated and payed just enough of a smidgen above minimum wage to assuage the guilt pseudo-bleeding heart liberals that would be my employers and just barely payed the bills. I'd be living somewhere that was still a little too close to the ghetto for my Mother's comfort, and I'd never be able to leave anything outside because it would grow legs in the middle of the night and walk away. I'd be a little sad and lost and lonely, watching all of my friends take steps to move their lives forward.
That might all seem a little hyperbolic, but that's the joy of h…

Sailboats and Sunshine

Five months later and it finally feels like I live on a picturesque Caribbean island.  It's always pleasantly breezy- no wonder the Dutch called these The Windward Isles- and everything is blooming or fruiting. I pass ripening bananas and soursops and mangoes and coconuts and key limes every day on my way to class.  There are goats that frolic.  There are roosters that crow.  The people are friendly with unintelligible accents and the road is terrifying.  I can see St. Maarten from my front window and get to watch sailboats meander from island to island. 

This place is positively bucolic.

However, I did a bad thing the other day...  I looked in the cistern.  YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK IN THE CISTERN.  WHY DID I LOOK IN THE CISTERN?  It was like a wreck, I knew I shouldn't look, that there would probably be something that was going to give me nightmares, but I couldn't stop myself.  I opened the lid and peered in.  It was deeper than I had imagined- no wonder Lassie was always …

Home: God Bless America

People like to talk a lot of smack about America.  Hell, I've even grumbled a bit about this and that, but never in my life have I ever been so happy to land in Miami as I was a couple of weeks ago.  I considered throwing myself on the ground and screaming LAND, but didn't want to draw unwanted attention to myself in the airport.  I danced a weird little gleeful dance once I realized I could understand everyone's accent (in English and Spanish) and that there was food available on pretty much every street corner.  

There are so many things I take for granted being home.  The glory that is driving a car.  The wonder at how gigantic a grocery store is.  The clean tap water.  The septic systems that work flawlessly.  The mail that runs in a reasonable amount of time.  The traffic laws.  The availability of cheese that isn't Gouda.  And, most importantly, the being surrounded by people that know you and love you anyway.

Being home has been a little bit of a slap in the f…