Sing-a-longs and soul food

If I think too much about all the things we're missing here, I'll go crazy.  The delicate balance I have in my mind between crazy and not crazy will get overwhelmed and then there's no telling what might happen. 

Things I try not to think about: the internet never works, we only seem to have hot water every other third Tuesday (not kidding), there was a rat in the kitchen that died and no one noticed but my roomie so it was there for days, the mosquitoes are eating me alive, nothing is open on Sundays, nothing, the bus only runs like twice a day and not at all on Sundays, a worm came out of the tap the other day, and the sugar ants have invaded our room (even though there is nothing for them to eat).

Then, there are days like today.  Days where I get to sleep in and then go to the coffee shop (which is only open from 11-2).  Days where I get to join in with my classmates on impromptu acoustic guitar sing-a-longs.  Days like Thursday where my friends make me delicious food and let me use their oh-so-hot shower.  Days like yesterday where someone takes two hours to teach me the stuff I missed in histology this week because I didn't feel well. 

I just keep trying to tell myself that all the good things absolutely positively outweigh the not-so-good things.  I just keep telling myself that sing-a-longs and soul food will keep me going.


  1. Just keep focusing on the good and trying your best to laugh off the bad. Sometimes the laughing won't work, but eventually, the good will outweigh. Like once you are a doctor!

  2. AMEN my sista-friend. It is like you’re a hippie back in the day where luxury items did not exist (cell phones, internet, lights, hot water….). ENJOY it; embrace it (sounds like you are doing a good job), let it roll down the track like the little big freight train you are!! HOWEVA, dude, I cannot imagine worms in my water, nope not at all. Don’t care if they are small, nope. Do we need to send water? I am delighted to hear that you are embracing everything. That is what life is all about…………rolling with the punches. You are doing great!


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