Flora and Fauna- wait, just fauna

Cool things I've seen once on this island and didn't manage to photograph:

1.                  A giant iguana
2.                  A brown tree snake with a rounded snout and big raised eyes (I described it to my mom and was all “oh, it wasn't venomous mom, it had huge round eyes.”  To which she started hollering “THAT'S ONLY FOR PIT VIPERS CAITLIN. DON'T TOUCH IT.  BACK AWAY.  IT'S PROBABLY A BROWN MAMBA OR SOMETHING.”  I managed not to tell her it was in one of the trees on school, I didn't want to freak her out any more than she already was)
3.                  Some sort of island red-tailed hawk, the size of a large crow
4.                  Hermit crabs real far away from the ocean
5.                  A rat in the kitchen (it was dead- I still can't decide if that makes it better or worse)
6.                  Zebra fish swimming in schools in the bay

That iguana in the corner is way way WAY bigger and more threatening than it looks.


  1. Treat all snakes as if they are poisonous!! And at least the snake was not in the pipes! Hello! No snaky in the commode please.


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