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The Chicken Incident of 2012

We have this saying back home "You stick your hand on my plate, you'll draw back a nub."  I would like to think I am a pretty tolerant girl, but I am real serious when it comes to food. 

At the beginning of the semester, my roommate put some bagels down in the communal freezer in our dorm kitchen.  Someone ate them.  Now, I'm not talking, "Whoopsies, I accidentally ate one of your bagels," I'm talking "Hahaha- sucker I ate FOUR bagels in the span of two days!"  I figured we learned a valuable, if upsetting, lesson: don't leave stuff in the communal fridge that isn't wrapped up or labeled. 

No big deal right?  Lesson learned.  We moved on.  Fast forward a couple of months to last week.  I had gone to the grocery store and bought some staples.  I had a grocery bag with chicken and spinach in it.  I baked a couple of pieces, tossed everything back in the bag, tied the bag, and tossed it back in the fridge.  Now, imagine my hunger fueled…

I will soon live in a place called "Heritage House"


Flora and Fauna- wait, just fauna

Cool things I've seen once on this island and didn't manage to photograph:
1.A giant iguana 2.A brown tree snake with a rounded snout and big raised eyes (I described it to my mom and was all “oh, it wasn't venomous mom, it had huge round eyes.”To which she started hollering “THAT'S ONLY FOR PIT VIPERS CAITLIN. DON'T TOUCH IT.BACK AWAY.IT'S PROBABLY A BROWN MAMBA OR SOMETHING.”I managed not to tell her it was in one of the trees on school, I didn't want to freak her out any more than she already was) 3.Some sort of island red-tailed hawk, the size of a large crow 4.Hermit crabs real far away from the ocean 5.A rat in the kitchen (it was dead- I still can't decide if that makes it better or worse) 6.Zebra fish swimming in schools in the bay

Sing-a-longs and soul food

If I think too much about all the things we're missing here, I'll go crazy.  The delicate balance I have in my mind between crazy and not crazy will get overwhelmed and then there's no telling what might happen. 

Things I try not to think about: the internet never works, we only seem to have hot water every other third Tuesday (not kidding), there was a rat in the kitchen that died and no one noticed but my roomie so it was there for days, the mosquitoes are eating me alive, nothing is open on Sundays, nothing, the bus only runs like twice a day and not at all on Sundays, a worm came out of the tap the other day, and the sugar ants have invaded our room (even though there is nothing for them to eat).

Then, there are days like today.  Days where I get to sleep in and then go to the coffee shop (which is only open from 11-2).  Days where I get to join in with my classmates on impromptu acoustic guitar sing-a-longs.  Days like Thursday where my friends make me delicious food …