Black is the night and weird is the day

For Corey,
Thank you for always calling me on my BS

The other night I was walking with some friends over to the other dorm (dorm is a fantastic understatement, they're much more like lovely apartments compared to our actual rudimentary dorm..) and one by one all the lights went out in The Bottom.  I don't think I've ever been enveloped in such darkness.  It was blinding.  I had to convince my friends not to turn their flashlights on and wave them like SOS beacons.  We twitched and mumbled small talk for a minute or two, waiting to see whether the power might magically recover.  Of course, it didn't.  We were in no-man's land, smack-dab in the middle between home and our destination.  The time we had spent waiting for the power to come back on had let our eyes adjust to the darkness.  There were so many stars, so so so many.  It made me realize once again how really remote we are here.  We decided to bust out our flashlights and trek up the steep-windy-covered-in-goat-poop-no-handrails path to our destination.  We were going for dinner, and I don't miss dinner, not even for a blackout.  Luckily, the food was already finished cooking.  We ate in the light of smart phones and flashlights, finally able to appreciate the view that's normally obscured by the necessities of daily life.

The lights came back on after an hour or so; it ended up not being a big deal at all.  However, I am a little concerned now because there were several houses that popped their power over to generators during the power outage.  But, but, generators are good?  Yes, I know, but the idea that the power goes out so often people have back-up generators primed and ready at 20 minutes notice is very concerning to me.....

If I've said it once, I've said it half a dozen times, but things happen here that wouldn't happen anywhere else.  Friday, I was just minding my business, walking to school when I noticed there were probably 50 or so school children gathered behind our school.  That in itself is not particularly weird.  The fact that the children were in color coordinated groups of 10 or so and had on elaborate costumes with feathers and sequins was a little weird.  When I noticed the adults with the snare drums it was officially weird.  I don't know why 10/12/12 might be significant, but it warranted a parade for some reason.  Imagine trying to sit through your 8AM histology lecture while little children in costumes dance and sing while snare drums beat out a rthym in the background.  It's weird right?  Definitely weird.  My favorite part of the Friday Mystery Parade was that no one I asked throughout the day could tell me why there had been a parade that morning.  

Maybe I missed the parade memo?


  1. Much much better. Blackouts and mystery parades? This is good stuff. And I can only imagine your worry that the food may not have finished cooking...


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