Big rocks in remote locales

 After exams everyone likes to blow off a little steam.  Post-exam Tuesday afternoons are the only free time we get on this island.  We do have weekends and afternoons after classes, but all that time is pretty much dedicated to studying....  So post-exam Tuesdays are it. 

The joke remains on us though, because we live on the only island in the Caribbean without a real beach.  Instead of white sand and quiet coves, we have cliffs, giant surf, even bigger rocks, and a beach so tiny it's laughable. 

We make it work- because in the end, everything here is beautiful- see for yourself... 

That little tiny part where you can see people standing is the beach.  Yes, that is the entire beach.  And, yes, it does in fact back up to a cliff so gigantic you can't see all of it in that picture...

Well's Bay at sunset.  You can't see anything but ocean in one direction and cliffs in the others.  It's remote and lovely and vaguely threatening- mother nature at her finest.  


  1. ok, so there are people on the beach but no body is in the water? Is it cold (the water)?


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