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Fenestrated sinusoidal capillaries

Black is the night and weird is the day

For Corey, Thank you for always calling me on my BS
The other night I was walking with some friends over to the other dorm (dorm is a fantastic understatement, they're much more like lovely apartments compared to our actual rudimentary dorm..) and one by one all the lights went out in The Bottom.  I don't think I've ever been enveloped in such darkness.  It was blinding.  I had to convince my friends not to turn their flashlights on and wave them like SOS beacons.  We twitched and mumbled small talk for a minute or two, waiting to see whether the power might magically recover.  Of course, it didn't.  We were in no-man's land, smack-dab in the middle between home and our destination.  The time we had spent waiting for the power to come back on had let our eyes adjust to the darkness.  There were so many stars, so so so many.  It made me realize once again how really remote we are here.  We decided to bust out our flashlights and trek up the steep-windy-covered-in-g…

Big rocks in remote locales

After exams everyone likes to blow off a little steam.  Post-exam Tuesday afternoons are the only free time we get on this island.  We do have weekends and afternoons after classes, but all that time is pretty much dedicated to studying....  So post-exam Tuesdays are it. 

The joke remains on us though, because we live on the only island in the Caribbean without a real beach.  Instead of white sand and quiet coves, we have cliffs, giant surf, even bigger rocks, and a beach so tiny it's laughable. 

We make it work- because in the end, everything here is beautiful- see for yourself...