And... One month later...

Tuesday will mark a full month of me being on this little Bermuda Triangle of an island. To mark this special occasion, my roommate and I went swimming for the first time today.  This adventure, like pretty much everything else on Saba, was at once endearing and sketchy as hell.  The roommate was all "oh yeah, we can just go to the harbor."  She said this in a very sure tone, so I followed her.  We walked down The Road to The Bottom.  She kept saying we should catch a ride, so we eventually piled clown-car-like into a passerby's car.  I know I've waxed poetic about The Road before, but it got serious going down to the harbor.  It was a 45 degree decline the whole time with hairpin turns that make you wonder whether the engineer was trying to test the laws of physics...

The harbor was less of a harbor and more of a giant concrete dock with a tiny man-made cove on the side of a mountain.  There was no natural cove, no marina, no nothing.  There were however several small children swimming at a ramp off of the giant concrete dock/wall.  I don't think it was supposed to be a swimming hole, I think it was supposed to be a launch for dinghys, but whatever, I will take what I can get. So, I finally got to swim in the beautiful clear blue tropical water.  There were even zebra fish for me to get all excited about.  I tried to focus on the fish, rather than the fact that I was swimming in a man-made cove between the ferry and some giant rocks....

I wish I had pictures to post of this and my other adventures, but I always forget my camera.  And, I would rather y'all just imagine this to be as sketchy as you possibly can.  Pictures wouldn't do it justice. 


  1. I'm so glad you finally confronted the ocean!!! And that there were beautiful tropical fish swimming around you, presumably to lure off the smaller aquatic predators that would have settled for just one of your toes instead of your arm or something!


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