Let's get down to business

Okay, so first exams are done.  This is all at once a relief and a huge slap in the face.  For today, I am going to focus on the relief and try to keep the panic down, and then tomorrow I will get down to business in a way that you've never seen anyone get down to business before.

There has been a serious adjustment period to living here.  It's not just the obvious things, like being in school again, or living in a dorm with a roommate, it's the more intangible things that are getting to me.  I can't go to a grocery store past 8PM or on a Sunday.  And, when I go to the grocery store I can only buy what I can carry back up the mountain.  There are no cafes that are open reasonable hours.  No one drinks the tap water (oh the joy of cisterns).  The hot water doesn't work half the time.  There's no TV or books (I've ALREADY read everything from the lending library) or streaming internet. I have mysteriously lost my magical power to understand all accents; now I never know what anyone is asking or telling me.  There's the bird/frog/mystery nocturnal creature that lives in the hillside outside my bedroom window that goes "CHEEEEEP  CHEEEEEP CHEEEEP" at five second intervals from about 11PM to 4AM.  It's being surrounded all the time by Canadians.  (This is not to say that I don't like Canadians, it's just that I didn't expect them to be the super-majority on a tropical island in the Caribbean).  It's my sister and I video-chatting the other day and her being all "Oh, you're not tan."  I had to explain to her that OF COURSE I'M NOT TAN.  First, because it's me and I will never ever- no matter how much time I spend in the sun- tan, and then because I am never ever outside because I AM STUDYING ALL THE TIME.  She laughed.  She laughed like I was kidding.  I do not kid about paleness or studying.  Not ever.

That's it.  That's all my whining.  I'm done now.  I am declaring myself adjusted.  I am ready to get down to business.


  1. You've only been there for less than a month! How could you possibly have adjusted already?? It takes at least a month to adjust to a new house. Add a new roommate, a new school, and A NEW COUNTRY and you've got plenty of time to adjust. I'M STILL NOT ADJUSTED TO NOT BEING ABLE TO SPEAK WITH YOU ANYTIME I WANT. And nothing else in my life has changed!

    Also, from now on, whenever you hear the "Chheeeeeep", I want you to know that I have named the creature Chupacabra. So now at least you have a way to reference it in conversation. For example: "Chupacabra was crazy loud last night".

  2. OOOOO CHUPACABRA!!!! YES! memories from my childhood...

  3. Love reading the stories, it makes me want to adventure again! Really so much is being able to complain about the weird things you encounter. But that's what makes it interesting, keep it up :)

    Good luck with med school, its going to be a crazy ride!


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