Chickens in the kitchen

There are chickens in the kitchen.  No, that's neither a code nor a euphemism.  The kitchen doors get left open pretty much all the time to deal with the heat, and the chickens wander in and out at will.  I figure it’s the smarter ones that brave the kitchen, because no matter how clean we think we are, there are always crumbs and delicious chicken treats on the floor.  It’s just quite funny to be cooking dinner and see a frightened chicken run under the stove.  These chickens intrigue me, not only because of their ingenuity, but because of their mystery.  I can’t quite figure out if they belong to someone, or if they’re just roaming free on the island.  There are chickens and goats everywhere and none of them seem to display any signs of ownership.  Maybe it’s first come first serve?  Like, oh, chicken would be nice for dinner.  I think I’ll go catch one….

Speaking of random island animals, we are apparently supposed to keep the kitchen locked up tight at night because there’s a rat problem on the island.  That seemed reasonable, except for the fact that the kitchen has no AC, and it gets stifling in there really fast when anyone cooks anything.  However, the other day while walking home from class I saw some road-kill.  Now, what, you ask, does road-kill have to do with the kitchen?  It was a rat.  The biggest, most intimidating rat I have ever seen.  It was smaller than an opossum, but not by much.  Now, I will deal with the heat in the kitchen.  I’m from the country, I’m fine to some extent with rats, but not opossum sized rats.  Not ever.  The person that ran that rat over probably thought they hit a goat or something.

Yesterday was my first experience with the burning of the trash.  I woke up feeling sinus-y and bad and didn’t realize why until I decided to go outside to try and use the internet.  Yes, I have no internet access in my dorm…  Anyway, I had read that sometimes the wind blows the trash smoke around the island, but hadn’t noticed it yet.  There was smoke, a strong smell of burning plastic, and there was actual ash.  Now I think I am going to have to pray for favorable winds, because it was pretty miserable all day.

We had our white coat ceremony on Friday.  All 100-something of us were forced to go to the front of this auditorium one at a time to say who we were and a little something about ourselves. Then, one of our professors physically put our white coats on us.  It was at once moving and ridiculous.
So, I’ve managed to survive the first week, broken computer, giant rats, and all.

Saba University School of Medicine c/o 2016


  1. 1. I lied. I didn't wait to read this after you told me it was up. I put my phone down and immediately went straight to the nearest computer.
    2. Test the chicken hypothesis. Make a chicken dinner and just see what happens!
    3. I told you about the bubonic plague statistics right? KILL ALL THE RATS.I bet whoever ran over that rat got high-fives from everyone in the vehicle.
    4. That ceremony must have taken F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

  2. I read aloud the latest blog entries to Grandma and Mom. They started giggling. And gasping about rat-possums. And asking all kinds of questions that I didn't know the answers to, and basically saying that you are one smart cookie and they are super proud of you.

  3. I am super proud of you, congratulations!!! :-)

  4. Ok, tell me you caught one of the chickens, slaughtered it, cooked it up all nice, and ate the shit out of it.


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