Lime Time is the place to be

Lime Time Chinese Restaurant is where it's at; that place is hopping.  From what I can tell it's the only restaurant in The Bottom.  When I popped in yesterday the old veterinarian/government guy was there again- making me rethink my earlier decision that he was there for an after work beer the other day, because this time I was there at 3PM...  Maybe in the islands no one cares if government officials are a little buzzed?  Or maybe it was because it was a Friday?  Either way, the place was happening.  The bar was full of patrons drinking cheap beers.  Wait a second, now that I think about it, NO ONE WAS EATING...  Maybe I should stop eating there....  This is all of a sudden very upsetting.

Anyway, that's not the story here, the story is Henri, the potentially crazy, definitely buzzed, rapper-dancer-local entertainment.  Every cliche of the Caribbean you can think of = Henri.  He had dreads, he was all "mon" this and "mon" that.  He danced.  He sang.  Apparently one of our fellow patrons thought he was putting on a show and offered him some money.  Henri stopped singing to say "Nahmon, I don't do it for the money, I do it for the loooooove."  It made my day.

Apparently this is basically a Canadian school.  Nearly everyone I've met is Canadian.  There are apparently parts of Canada that are way cooler than other parts.  I met a girl earlier and mentioned I had met a couple of other Canadians (there are so many Canadians) and the girl says in this voice that a hipster would have been proud of, she was so disdainful, "oh, they're from Toronto."  She might as well have said "ew."  The Canadians are in general pretty much what you'd expect- all very polite and well-spoken and helpful and they really do say "aboot."

Dude just winked at me.  Seriously.  Oh, this one is not Canadian.  Oh, no, something much more interesting than that, one of those women-should-be-seen-and-not-heard places.  I'm from the South.  We wink at people all the time.  I swear to god, he just made that wink so dirty, I think I just blushed.

Well, at least this just got more entertaining.  Gotta go- making new friends.
 ; )


  1. Definitely pause the eating from there for now. Trick some other students to eat there for a while, and then reassess. But it sounds like a great place to hang out and have a beer!

    And seriously, don't blow off Henri. I think he's gonna be an important part of your life and story-telling for a while!

  2. If-a no one was eating mon, i would not eat either!!


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