Becoming an island gypsy doctor

Here's the deal: I'm not an islander or a gypsy or a doctor- at least not yet.  However, I am on a teensy tiny little island in the middle of the Caribbean going to medical school.  So, you know, I'm working on becoming all three.

This is supposed to be a great adventure.  I know that.  And I know that adventures are supposed to be exciting and new and rewarding and the times that end up making you who you become.  But you know what all those happy-go-lucky adventurers never tell you?  They never mention the exhaustion and the mosquitoes and the bad food and the snotty people.  And they don't not mention them because they make a bad story, no, it's because they make other people not want to adventure.  And if there is a secret that every adventurer knows, it is that it is the shitty parts of the story that make it whole, that make it worth doing, because in those moments you really learn something about yourself.  The truths you learn might not be comfortable, but they are damn sure useful.

Adventure stories to come...


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