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"The road that could not be built"

How is it that an island surrounded by salt water, with no visible standing fresh water anywhere can have such a problem with mosquitoes?Seriously, I am Floridian, I am well acquainted with mosquitoes, and this is an unprecedented level of mosquito swarming and buzzing, even for me.And they’re sneakier than the mosquitoes at home too.Instead of biting you and taking a little ride while they get their fill of your delicious delicious blood like normal mosquitoes, these seem to bite and disappear.It’s like they know I am about to wallop them so they fly off.They must have special salt water spidey senses.Or something.
The island is comprised of little villages.From what I can tell, there is The Bottom, St. Johns, and Windwardside (in that order).Most of the names are very imaginative; The Bottom is the valley and Windwardside is very windy.I feel like the local engineers must have saved all of their creativity for the road.You would think that on an island that is only five square mile…

Nothing ever goes as planned

When you travel, nothing ever goes as planned.  Typically when I travel I try to be more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of girl just because it's easier to have no plans than to have plans that get ruined.  However, on this trip I made such good plans I might as well have been a travel agent.  I mean the flights all lined up, my luggage was perfectly sorted and weighed, hell, I even shipped things ahead.  But, of course, NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANNED.  And, right when I was supposed to leave, Hurricane Isaac started barreling towards Florida, making everything go pear shaped.  My flight got cancelled the day before I was supposed to leave, the container ship with my extra box of goodies (and by goodies I mean school supplies and food) wasn't able to leave port, and when I called to change my Caribbean flight they said "oh no- it's not even raining here."

I should have known to just go with it, that's my thing- I just go with it.  I flew to India never h…

Becoming an island gypsy doctor

Here's the deal: I'm not an islander or a gypsy or a doctor- at least not yet.However, I am on a teensy tiny little island in the middle of the Caribbean going to medical school.So, you know, I'm working on becoming all three.
This is supposed to be a great adventure.I know that.And I know that adventures are supposed to be exciting and new and rewarding and the times that end up making you who you become.But you know what all those happy-go-lucky adventurers never tell you?They never mention the exhaustion and the mosquitoes and the bad food and the snotty people.And they don't not mention them because they make a bad story, no, it's because they make other people not want to adventure.And if there is a secret that every adventurer knows, it is that it is the shitty parts of the story that make it whole, that make it worth doing, because in those moments you really learn something about yourself.The truths you learn might not be comfortable, but they are damn sur…